Are you thinking of owning a dog? 

You have two options: you can either buy or adopt.

This is where Bluegrassbassett Dog Rehoming Centre in London can help you make a well-informed and loving choice. At Bluegrassbassett Dog Rehoming Centre, we have rescued a lot of dogs and given them a second chance at a decent life. Why not take a trip to our centre and take a look at what love really looks like?

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Why Bluegrassbassett Dog Rehoming Centre?

Everyday in London, hundreds of dogs are abused and abandoned. The lucky few that are found are moved to shelters like ours and taken care of. At our centre, we make sure each dog that comes into our facility gets the best care and attention so that they can move on to better lives. 



All dogs are treated individually because each dog has a story and past that is different from the next. Whatever the case or the situation when the dog arrives at our centre, we try our best to rehabilitate the dog and make sure it is in good health before being put up for adoption. 


New Dog vs. Old Dog

This is usually a hard decision for a lot of people. There are a lot of pros and cons to buying or adopting a dog. When you buy a new dog, they usually come as cute puppies that you have to train and take extra care of till they grow up. This is sweet. But let’s look at the other side. 



When you adopt a dog, you are opening your home to a dog that was once loved or never even been loved. You’re giving them a new life that makes up for their sad past.

New Dog, New Home, New Love

Choosing a new dog is never easy. There are so many things to take into considerations such as creating a safe environment for the dog, adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the presence of a dog, caring for the dog and just falling in love with the dog over and over again.

When you come to Bluegrassbassett Dog Rehoming Centre in London, you have the opportunity to choose your companion or the next member of your family. There are a lot of species of dogs to choose from and learn about. We also try to match the right dog with the right families so that both animal and family live happily ever after. 

The only problem: you might want to take them all home.


How to setup a dog kennels in North West London


Setting up a dog kennel in North West London can be very challenging and involves long hours of work and requires hard work. Nevertheless, it can be satisfying for people with passion for taking care of animals. Running a dog kennel requires one to undertake such duties as feeding, grooming, and examining the dogs. Other activities to be undertaken include cleaning the premises and kennels and playing with the dogs, and offering them with stimulation and companionship. The requirements on how to setup a dog kennels in North West London are provided by the H and S Accountancy Company as briefly discussed below.




1. What are the skills required for one to set up a dog kennel?

There are no formal qualifications that are needed to set up and operate a dog kennel. It may however, be useful to accomplish an animal care – related apprenticeship or course. Practical experience in the field is also of great importance.

2. Licences and permits

One needs to apply for the permits and licences required in setting up a dog kennel. There is need for approval by the concerned authority to set up the business.

3. The Facilities and Equipment Required

Depending on the type and size of the dog kennel to be set up, the dog kennel facilities may feature the following;

  1. Facilities for food storage
  2. Washing facilities
  3. Air conditioned rooms for pet grooming
  4. Spacious area of land and a grassed area to allow plenty of space for the dogs to move freely
  5. Caged kennel areas for the dogs to allow them to move about freely and without coming into contact with other dogs
  6. Appropriate vehicles incase such services as providing a pick- up and drop- off service is to be offered.
  7. Access to vet services

What is the equipment needed?

  1. Cleaning and feeding equipment
  2. Personal protection and safety gear
  3. Leashes and the equipment for handling the dogs
  4. Pens or cages for safeguarding the dogs

4. Insurance

There is need for insurance to cover accidents besides safeguarding the facilities, equipment, buildings, employees’, and inventory.

5. Employing staff or use of the contractors

If one plans to employ the staff, he or she needs to be aware and equipped with all the labor issues. Upon the fulfilment of the above requirements one can then setup a dog kennels without much hassle. To receive additional information find the H and S Accountancy Company on G+


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