Pros and cons of the Basset hound dog breed

The Basset hound dog breed is often chosen as a pet because the animals are calm, even-tempered, good-natured, and laid-back. There are several negatives of this breed but most owners will tell you that they are the best pets that you could possibly own.
Pros of the Basset hound dog breed
• Clever and can solve their problems without assistance
• The Basset hound dog breed love the outdoors and is perfect for families that love outdoor activities, such as camping and hunting.
• The dogs are social and good-natured with humans, other dogs, and cats.
• The breed loves physical contact with their owners and make excellent companions for children when trained properly.
• The Basset hound is a healthy animal that loves to pass life happily.
Cons of the Basset hound dog breed
• The breed has a heavy torso and short legs that make the dogs incapable of swimming.
• Although, the dogs are short, they are still able to reach tabletops due to their long bodies.
• The long ears are prone to ear disorders. In addition, the folds below their eyes collect dirt that cause infections and other eye disorders.
• To ensure that your pet remains healthy, you will have to probe your Basset hound to exercise daily, as it prefers to lie around.
The Basset hound dog breed is prone to drooling that can be messy and also leads to yeast infections around the mouth if kept unclean.
• The breed is a tracker and therefore may be difficult to control them, as the dogs are very strong.
• The animals shed plenty of hair that can be controlled by regular brushing. In addition, their odor may turn-off some people.
• The breed is prone to back disorders because they are short and long. Another common ailment is Thrombopathia, which is a bleeding ailment.