What to Take into Account When Betting on Snooker?


Bookmaker quotes are mainly based on the results of face-to-face confrontations. In general, analysts are right. Disappointing series of players affect their psychology, and the likelihood of victory in the next match is reduced. The rating of snooker players does not always objectively reflect their capabilities. A weak player is able to win in minor tournaments and rise in the ranking to a position that does not correspond to his real strength.

What May Influence the Outcome?

Consider snooker betting odds after understanding what you should keep in mind when betting:

  • The shape of the players is one of the key factors that influence the outcome. Study not only the statistics of wins and losses, but also on what competitions this happened and against which opponents. The place of the competition is not as important as in tennis, but snooker still has its own patterns. Someone is playing more confidently at home, someone is nervous with the general public, and someone, on the contrary, is motivated by a huge number of spectators to a better performance.
  • Motivation. For example, if a TOP player has a tournament of the highest rank in a month, then most likely, mentally he will be there. It is unlikely that he will focus on lower-level competitions. The outcome of the meeting depends on one person. Study not only their form and statistics, but also the mood, motivation and attitude to your career as a whole. Analyze interviews.
  • An important factor in snooker is age. Older players are experienced, have won many tournaments and earned enough money, so the motivation is not the same. They can still play several fights at a high level thanks to moral-volitional qualities, but then, mistakes and inaccurate blows are observed.

Live Snooker Betting

We will analyze situations when it is better to place a bet in live mode.

  • Situation No. 1. Robbery is the first blow in the game. When it is done correctly, usually the opponent does not have the opportunity to attack. If he did manage to attack, then put on him. The risk is 50 to 50: it will not score - the odds will remain the same, but it will score - it will lead the series further. Quotes are noticeably transformed - sometimes from 1.8/1.8 to 1.3/4.0, and this after one hit. Do not miss this moment and put it after a successful robbery.
  • Situation No. 2. One of the snooker players comes forward in the series. The advantage is 20-60 points. On the table there should be so many points that are enough to recoup. Wait for the moment when the lead player makes an inaccurate exit - an error in which there is a high probability of a miss on the next hit. He will open a position for wagering his opponent, if he makes a mistake, and the odds will change significantly.

Remember that in snooker it all depends on one person, but others are able to influence him. It’s not always an opponent, because it’s difficult to concentrate when there are problems in your personal life and other moments that are unsettling. Check the tips here before you get started.